10 reasons you need to stop using paper mandates

For years this is how face to face fundraising had been carried out when taking donor information but in 2007, Ideal Host produced the first of its kind on the industry and along came Ideal Fundraising, a fundraising tablet solution for face to face fundraising.

Why change to digital?

  1. Our clients have moved away from paper for a variety of reasons but the most popular reason which we hear a lot, is for security. Our charities and agencies have peace of mind of knowing that all data captured is secured, encrypted and totally safe. No longer will pieces of paper with bank details get lost or stolen.
  2. We are proud to say that we solely provide on device, offline address and bank validation and auto population. Why would you want anything else? We fully understand that the last thing you need is to be unable to validate on the spot, quickly and accurately. Our customers fundraise in some treacherous and remote areas on a daily basis so we give them a solution they can rely on.
  3. Data accuracy is so important. Each and every field is logically validated to ensure there are no anomalies before the signup is transferred. We even give a helping hand with auto-suggestion of names and email addresses.
  4. Donors’ signatures are captured accurately and securely. Donors simply sign against the end of the form to confirm their signup. This is then stored in Campaign Manager if it needs to be referred to at a later date and can be optionally paired with the photo of the Fundraiser who signed them up.
  5. We have given you the ability to add campaign specific videos and slide shows of images to give a personal edge to your Donor’s experience. These are entirely on device and do not rely on connectivity to play, giving you consistent and reliable campaign videos.
  6. Configure your own, personalised emails and SMS messages to be sent to your Donors immediately after they have signed up. Include relevant information such as your Donor’s name, where and when they supported and the cause they just supported, with a selection of merge fields. It provides a great opportunity for giving your Donor confirmation of their donation and is a nice way of saying thank you.
  7. You have the ability to view each Fundraiser’s hourly signup rate or team’s signup rate, in order to give you an accurate view of their real-time performance. This means you get real-time information whilst they are in the field, which gives you the ability to react to these results to ensure these rates are constantly above your target.
  8. We know Fundraisers are a competitive bunch, which is why we have given them something to aim for. Our Fundraiser and Team Leaderboardsgive real time statistics whilst in in the field. Accessible via their tablets, smartphones or PCs and with the ability to decide who views what, this is certainly enough to keep them motivated.
  9. You will be able to see attrition rates based on the percentage of cancelled signups by day, week and month. Being able to spot cancellation trends is a must have to keep ahead of the game especially if you have some troubled fundraisers.
  10. Sometimes it is nice to see the good and the bad with our Fundraiser Report Log. Fundraisers can see their signup cancellations shortly after it happens as it is reflected in their on device Reporting Portal. This information can also be read by the Managers and Team Leaders, in order to effectively manage these situations.

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