We are thinking of setting up a fundraising agency

How can Ideal Fundraising help?

Out-of-the-box Charity Mandates

The Ideal fundraising solution comes complete with mandates for most major charities including British Red Cross, national deaf children society, guide dogs for the blind, WWF, RSPB, RSWT, World Vision, RNLI, Action for the blind, Woodland trust, and many more…

Monitor Your Fundraisers

The Ideal fundraising solution has the capability to record fundraiser hours worked by the team leader, by area manager or by both. It comes with reports to work out commissions and payment for your fundraisers.

100% Secure

Much safer than paper, each donor is encrypted. It sends daily the new donors to your customer or your CRM solution by a totally secure connection (SSL256bit).

On-the-spot Bank and Postcode Validation

There’s no room for mistakes! Fundroid is designed to validate the donor during the face to face meeting, it can do this without an internet connection.