I’m an agency that uses paper mandates.

The Ideal Fundraising Solution has proven to maximize efficiencies in all fundraising organizations overnight. We do this with our detailed reporting portal, allowing you unprecidented access to real time reports. We remove the need for paper processing and increase your bottom line with our validation suite completed F2F with the donor.

Your clients are our clients too.

We work with dozens of agency partners working with hundreds of organisations. Chances are we’ve worked with your clients before, making the move to our industry leading tablet solution, simple and cost effective – working with someone new? Our skilled team love a challenge!

Where is my Team?

Never ask this question again, with our industry leading mapping technology we are able to take GPS positions of key actions as well as real time positions of your team – keeping your organization compliant and efficient.

Secure by our very nature

Our ambition is to ensure fundraising continues for years to come, our commitment is to a locked down fully secure fundraising solution that not only works offline, everytime but also keeps your donors and your organisations data safe.

Validated In The Moment

Tired of those paper forms failing back at the office? That’s a thing of the past with the Ideal Fundraising Solution – all the data is validated, regardless of connectivity, using the BACS database and the Royal Mail Address Database.