Door 2 Door Version 2: Simple, Graphical, Powerful.

Since we launched our Door 2 Door solution in 2017, we have been working closely with our customers to build a simpler and more intuitive system. We acknowledged that it had its limitations the first time round but with our new, upgraded solution, we have created something which is simple, powerful and graphical, including a […]

Door 2 Door is just around the corner!

When we started our work within the fundraising sector, people were fundraising using paper mandates. From this knowledge, we worked to fulfil one objective – to remove paper mandates and replace them with a tablet solution to make it a simpler, digital process. As our industry knowledge increased, we realised that our solution could do […]

Going digital is about to get easier…

Going digital is about to get easier with our latest product, the ‘Charity Starter Pack’ (CSP) being launched in September this year. Even the smallest of charities will now have the ability to access the benefits that going digital will offer to them. Our new Charity Starter Pack (CSP) will be launching on 13th September […]