I already work with an amazing agency but would like to find ways to improve our way of working together.

We are used by many charities and agencies alike, some of which have been with us for years. Our solution allows you as the Charity to have a real time view of the Agencies activity as well as effectily a real-time data feed into your donor management systems.

Charity Mandate Ready

Chances are, we’ve worked with your partners or colleagues in the industry before – we have a plethora of knowledge as well as pre-approved digital forms ready to work straight out of the box with our tablet fundraising solution.

Freedom of Information

Our system has probably the most in depth logging and tracking information avaliable on the market, this keeps both your risk and your donors risk to a minimum. One of our key drivers in this industry is to promote Ethical and Compliant fundraising.

Secure, Stable, Consistent

Our mantra is that professional fundraisers need a professional tool – as such our devices are specifically locked down and only allow access to the fundraising application. This makes it easier to encrypt and keep your donors data safe, it also keeps the device distraction free on the street, doors or private site.

On-the-spot Bank and Postcode Validation

Telecommunications have come a long way but we still suffer from blackspots and general connectivity problems on our phones and mobile devices. Ideal Fundraising does away with all that, every aspect of the device works without constant connectivity – with both the BACS database and Royal Mail PAF database on the device. No more slow searches and validations!