Choosing the right tablet for Ideal Fundraising

Ideal pioneered the first PDA solution in 2007 and it has worked very well for face to face fundraising with many charities and agencies.

However, technology is moving at a fast pace and today there are new mobile operating systems from the big three Apple, Google & Microsoft. We have been observing and testing all of these and have determined what we believe to be the best suited to fundraising.

Apple’s products are superb in design and quality but they come at a cost and don’t present a good image for those who are using them for fundraising. Potential donors are likely to perceive a conflict in giving money to an organisation that can afford to buy iPads. The other issue is the App Store which for a consumer is excellent but for a fundraising solution represents something of a hurdle.

Microsoft were the last to follow with tablet technology. They have teamed up with the likes of Nokia to bring out some excellent devices with beautifully crisp screens. They have, however, mimicked Apple and have added an equivalent ‘app store’ called The Phone Store that presents its own issues. Microsoft does not really have a tablet product which is suitable for the Fundraising market. The Surface is the closest but very costly.

Both Apple and Microsoft also make it very difficult to run any of their devices in Kiosk mode: where it can be locked down to prevent the fundraiser using other applications that consume bandwidth or memory.

Google Android, on the other hand has matured in recent months and the hardware choice has expanded tenfold. We have tested devices that are branded or unbranded and both are giving very positive results. Android does have an equivalent to the App Store, called the Play Store but it is not mandatory so does not present the same issues in applying a fundraising software solution.

As Android is designed and supported by so many major brands it allows us to lock it down specifically to run the applications that are needed in the field. This makes it our recommended choice to run the Ideal Fundraising Solution software. In particular the Nexus 7 has got to be the best value for money, mini tablet available today; while the Samsung Note comes ready with a stylus for signing.

Our conclusion is that even though Apple invented the tablet, the Android tablet is just as good for fundraising purposes and better value for money. There is nothing the Apple iPad can do that the Android can’t and Microsoft is still trying to catch up.

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