Door 2 Door is just around the corner!

When we started our work within the fundraising sector, people were fundraising using paper mandates. From this knowledge, we worked to fulfil one objective – to remove paper mandates and replace them with a tablet solution to make it a simpler, digital process.

As our industry knowledge increased, we realised that our solution could do more to help the fundraising sector. We began to understand that undertaking Door 2 Door fundraising was an altogether different activity to that of street and private site fundraising. What’s more, we discovered that paper was still being used, not only to plan the routes required for Door 2 Door fundraising, but also used by fundraisers to complete their daily work, as well as analyse the outcomes and results.

Our team at Ideal Host, put their thinking hats on and subsequently developed a new and revolutionary Door 2 Door tablet solution. Our new solution will allow for door routes to be planned on the portal and sent to the tablets so that fundraisers can record and analyse the outcomes of their door knocking, all without the need for paper!

Our latest offering – Door 2 Door is launching in November 2017. For more information, or to arrange a demo, contact us on 01480 862999.