Face to Face – The hidden benefits.

Creating a Face to Face (F2F) team is a costly exercise, it’s a delicate dance with suppliers of great people on the ground and a robust management team in the back-office. It can deliver great results for Charities or causes that are easily understood by the general public, it can be an overnight success for some organisations.

For others, their message might be a little more involved to understand – it might take a 3 minute conversation to really get across what they’re all about. Trying to stop someone on a busy street for a reasonable conversation is difficult and asking for a regular gift is certainly an added ask.

At Ideal Host we spend a lot of time talking about how we can leverage our technology to improve fundraising.

How can we get more out of the fundraising teams?

How can we get the message across to the public?

How can we measure efficiency accurately?

I’m sure we’ll touch on the other questions in another post, so first – how can we measure the value of F2F?

One aspect of F2F we could capture, is how may conversations an individual fundraiser has had, or maybe even the amount of time they’ve spent talking about the cause with a potential supporter. Perhaps we could use this metric as a way of better understanding the performance of each individual.

With our tablet solution, this data is already available to us and it’s empowering our clients and the fundraisers with information about where their pitch can improve and how many members of the general public they are having an impact on.

Let’s think about a really large organisation, like the Red Cross – it’s difficult to fully appreciate the length and breadth of what they’re all about, what they do on a day to day basis. Especially when all the news coverage is about far flung disasters to help people in crisis.

In the case of the Red Cross, they’re about anyone and everyone who is in crisis – big or small, it’s a message that perhaps isn’t obvious to the laymen and getting that across via the medium of Face to Face is a great thing – with far flung benefits and conversations that could happen later down the line with the individual’s family members.

What if those family members agree to donate the next time they are asked, or they make the conscious choice to donate via the website?

Information is power, empowering our colleagues in F2F fundraising empowers the public about how they can make a tangible change.

Fundraising solutions are not just about replacing paper, or making graphs, the best ones are about people – and how we can help them to succeed.

For more information and maybe even a face to face meeting on how our Ideal Fundraising Solution can help you and your cause succeed – contact us – 01480 862999.