Ideal Fundraising; The Complete Face To Face Fundraising Solution

Equip your fundraising team with a solution that works at the same speed, anywhere, anytime – regardless of connectivity. Built and supported in the UK by our in house team, we’ll deliver the training, setup and the ongoing changes as part of our service.

We pride ourselves on delivering a solution for each and all of our clients, taking into account everyone’s particular requirements. That being said, we’ve worked with so many Charities and Agencies that we have a wide variety of settings and options to choose from – simply send us your existing paper mandate or existing digital mandate and we can get you started.

If you’re looking for a consistent, professional answer to your fundraising needs – look no further. From our locked down, penetration tested devices to our secure data transfer and detailed logging and GPS reporting – we have the solution to every aspect of your operations needs.

It’s best to see the system in person, call us to book a demonstration.

Donor’s Perspective

It’s great to see a professional, secure piece of technology used that I can put my trust in – the fundraiser has even shown me how they can’t see anything once my details have been sent – much better than paper!

I really enjoyed the use of their video, it really hit home – the fundraiser said that ‘experiential fundraising’ is the new way of getting people involved – either way, it was great that we didn’t have to wait for it to buffer or load!

When I walked away, I received a text message from the Charity with the Fundraiser’s name, a great touch – I really appreciated that.

Fundraiser’s Perspective

Wow, no more paper. Wow, look how fast I can validate addresses and bank details. No more pulled or failed forms!
Now I know the donors I sign up are genuine, this is a massive boost to the morale of the team – let’s hit those targets!
Amazing! No more texting my scores back to head office, no more counting paper forms and keeping track of those. I worked all day without the system being slow or not working – isn’t it great this doesn’t need a constant 3G connection!

Charity’s Perspective

I know that the donors being signed up have a very high chance of being genuine, I also know that the checks within the form mean that the fundraisers are disclosing correctly.
With the Reporting Portal I have a live view of where my teams are, what their scores are as well as instant access to the donors they have signed up. I’m safe in the knowledge that any strange behaviour is automatically flagged by the system for my team to review.
One of the most impactful benefits has been the automated data exports into our crm systems, it used to take 2-6 weeks for our donors to get the first payment – now it can be as quick as we like!


On-Device Data
The fundraiser can carry out the whole sign-up capture process, including the donor retention, with no internet connection. All look-up data is built into Fundroid.
Face 2 Face Validation
There’s no room for mistakes! Fundroid is designed to validate the donor during the face to face meeting, it can do this without an internet connection.
100% Secure
Much safer than paper, each donor is encrypted. It sends daily the new donors to your customer or your CRM solution by a totally secure connection (SSL256bit).
Fundraiser Confidence
The donors details are a guaranteed sign up, Fundroid removes the issues of validating the data – no more calls to donors to confirm their bank account details, no more loss of signups due to incorrect data.
Simple Login
All users, sites and region information is pushed to all devices from one central place, very quickly, making it very easy to administrate.
Easy To Fill In Mandate
Easy to fill in and once complete let the donor sign with their finger or a stylus.

What makes us different?

By using Ideal Fundrasing you are buying into the most sustainable ethos of fundraising, professional, ethical and compliant – without all the barriers to doing so, we make running your teams and getting the best out of them as easy as possible with our industry leading reporting

This is what makes us different.

Our ethos is a little different to other fundraising solution providers, we are an independent software provider – we have been creating innovative, secure and reliable mobile data capture solutions since 2001 and began working in the fundraising market in 2007 to great success.

We work with our Charity and Agency clients and by really understanding the challenges and needs of the Face to Face Fundraising industry we are able to improve our clients processes and deliver a true return on investment for them. This approach is unique and while our solution has now become so mature it’s basically an off the shelf fundraising tool – each and every one of our clients has different needs and our in house development team and account management team work quickly to get you up and running.

We’re a ‘one stop shop’, the only provider the delivers a tried and tested, fully locked down tablet solution for the fundraising world. It’s not just that it’s locked down, you’re buying into a fully featured offline stable application – no web forms running in a browser here!

We are committed to ethical and compliant fundraising and we make it super easy to do so. With a locked down solution and a simple to use, one page mandate form, that has all the checks and processes in place to make sure the job is done right you can be safe in the knowledge that your teams are working to code.




It’s not just about paper, our solution sports the most detailed Logging and Reporting available for F2F Fundraising

We’re in this for the long haul, constantly improving our product and driving the industry forward.


We’re all about Face to Face, contact us today for a demonstration – the best way to experience Ideal Fundraising.