Ideal Fundraising: An Overview

There is little doubt that charities today are finding it more of a challenge to raise funds. That is why many are looking for ways to enhance the various mediums that encourage and support giving.

Not least amongst those is the whole area of field fundraising with teams of people either working the high streets, going door to door or working in private sites like supermarkets. This is the direct approach aspect of a charity’s activities, commonly referred to as “face to face” fundraising.

One of the more challenging aspects of this kind of operation is maintaining control of, and getting the best from, what can be large groups of enthusiastic workers. The common picture of such people is someone with a smile, an identity tag and a clipboard. The clipboard carries paper based records of contact details and private bank information which then have to be returned to a central office and processed. If any helpful statistics are to be obtained then this paper based information has to be manually entered into a database. All of this takes time. There is a good chance of errors or omissions and piles of paper to be processed and stored.

This is where the emerging technologies are beginning to make a mark. The whole process can now be paperless and immediate with the use of handheld devices such as tablets, smart phones or PDA’s. Imagine now the fundraiser with the smile, the tag and a tablet!

When a potential donor is interested and wants to sign up, their details can be entered quickly and directly into the mobile device, validated to make sure the address is correct and thier bank account will allow direct debits . This information is electronically stored and transmitted to the Charity without the normal days of delay, instantly updating reports and linking into the organisation’s existing management systems. The quicker you respond to the donor the higher chance they will engage and this will help the attrition rate. Not only that but the fundraiser can check in the field, on the high street, at the door that the personal details are correct and ensure a signature is taken giving full authority that all the information is correct.

And it doesn’t stop there because these devices, especially tablets, also provide a slick, professional medium for showing promotional video or images. It helps to get the charity’s message across and underpins the task of the fundraiser.

In today’s climate it makes sense for agencies or charities to be at least investigating these new developments. There is a huge potential here to increase giving, raise the profile of the charity, improve efficiency, increase attrition and eliminate the costs of data inputting.

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