Ideal Fundraising is evolving fundraising

We did it in 2007, and now we’re about to responsibly disrupt the fundraising industry again.

Be part of the change.

If you know a little bit about us here at Ideal Host you will know that we were the first in the industry to create a tablet solution for fundraising.  This means we have the leading edge and experience when it comes to understanding the needs of our charity and agency based customers.

Being the first in the industry, experience does matter and as part of Ideal Host, an extensive array of analytical data gives us the ability to develop features to benefit all parties, the donors, fundraisers, and the charities.

Because of this highly extensive analytical data we know what works and what doesn’t.

As a charity and fundraising agency, you need to be part of this change. Get in contact today for a demonstration. 01480 862999.

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