Why 2016 is the year your fundraising needs to go digital!

Security. It’s no secret that the charity industry has been in the media recently, but the wonderful services charities provide to the suffering needs to be protected.

We are revolutionising fundraising to preserve and care for these wonderful charities.

The first encounter with the donor in the fundraising process is the face 2 face sign-up capture and in order to practice healthy fundraising at this stage, your sign-up must be secure.  The Ideal Fundraising Solution is 100% secure and much safer than paper as each donor is encrypted. Furthermore, once the sign-up is sent or saved, the fundraiser cannot access the donor’s details again.

Each sign-up is sent via a secure SSL256bit connection, through to your customer (if you are an agency) or to your CRM (if you are a charity). As an example of how much we have invested into our security, it is the same level of security as Lloyd’s Bank, John Lewis, Amazon.

Get in touch to learn more about the extensive security measures we have in place for the Ideal Fundraising Solution.

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