Why Ideal Fundraising for fundraising tablets?

As a result of being the first in the industry to provide such solution, we have the leading edge and experience when it comes to understanding the needs of our charity and agency based customers.

Our product is extensively field tested and has been developed over several years alongside our customers, it has provided an advantageous amount of data that allows us to not only administer fundraising software but we sustain a consultancy role also.

This is what makes us different.

Being the first in the industry, experience does matter and as part of Ideal Fundraising, an extensive array of analytical data gives us the ability to develop features to benefit all parties, the donors, fundraisers, and the charities. We know what works and what doesn’t.

We have many unique features that puts us way ahead of our competitors but one which are most proud of is our ‘on-device data’, which means the fundraiser can carry out their task without having to use any internet connection throughout the whole process.  Why does this matter? By having all the data stored on the tablet enables a smooth process without any buffering or lag otherwise you could be at risk of losing your donor. It is all built into the tablet.

Ideal Fundraising understand that there is absolutely no room for error when it comes to sign-up capture validation. With our unique on-device technology, Ideal Fundraising has the ability to automatically carry out an address and bank validation checks to ensure the correct details have been entered. It is 100% secure and reliable, with 0% risk as no internet connection is required.

Ideal Fundraising has so much to offer, with so much more to come…

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