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The Donor The Donor
Apart from hearing about a worthwhile cause expressed with passion by the fundraiser, the donor is able to view professionally packaged video, images and soundtrack.

They will also be able to make a full commitment if they wish and sign up at the time.

And they will get the satisfaction of receiving a thank you message directly to their smartphone within just a few minutes.

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The Fundraiser The Fundraiser
The fundraiser has a “state of the art” piece of technology which can help to give them confidence and provide them with useful information.

On device databases provide instant validation and population of personal information which contributes to an efficient sign up process.

They are also kept up to date with real time statistics and information providing incentives for themselves and their team.

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The Charity The Charity
The charity or agency benefits from a high degree of instant visibility as to what is happening in the field.

In built reporting features will give managers real time information about sign up rates and individual performances. Field operations are better organised and understood enabling improved planning and team management.

The whole mobile fundraising system can also be fully integrated with any existing CRM or data management system.