Door 2 Door is just around the corner!

When we started our work within the fundraising sector, people were fundraising using paper mandates. From this knowledge, we worked to fulfil one objective – to remove paper mandates and replace them with a tablet solution to make it a simpler, digital process. As our industry knowledge increased, we realised that our solution could do […]

10 reasons you need to stop using paper mandates

For years this is how face to face fundraising had been carried out when taking donor information but in 2007, Ideal Host produced the first of its kind on the industry and along came Ideal Fundraising, a fundraising tablet solution for face to face fundraising. Why change to digital? Our clients have moved away from paper for a variety […]

What makes us different?

Because our product is extensively field tested and has been developed over several years alongside our customers, it has provided an advantageous amount of data that allows us to not only administer fundraising software but we sustain a consultancy role also. This is what makes us different. Being the first in the industry, experience does […]