What makes Ideal Fundraising different


End-to-end solution for fundraising

Equip your fundraising team with a solution that works at the same speed anywhere, anytime – regardless of connectivity. Built and supported in the UK by our in-house team, we deliver the training and setup as part of our service. We supply all tablets configured and ready for you to use, so you really do get the full service.

We pride ourselves on delivering a solution for each of our clients, taking into account everyone’s particular requirements. That being said, we have worked with so many Charities and Agencies that we have a wide variety of settings and options to choose from – simply send us your existing paper or digital mandate and we can get you started.

If you’re looking for a consistent, professional answer to your fundraising needs, look no further. From our locked-down, penetration-tested devices to our secure data transfer and detailed logging and GPS reporting – we have the solution to every aspect of your operation’s needs.

Instant validation | Fundraising solutions | Ideal Fundraising

Instant Offline validation

Without the need to validate the data at a later date, you are less likely to lose the sign-up! Ideal Fundraising instantly validates the donors details during the face to face meeting without needing an internet connection, which makes us different to all our other competitors. Once the donors details are confirmed, your sign up is guaranteed.

What is validated?

Your donors address and bank account, phone number and email address are validated at moment of sign-up, without the need for internet connectivity.


Works Offline

Ideal Fundraising works without access to the internet making it the ideal solution for you. This means you can increase your sign-up rate by 5-10%! You can still use our postcode look up to validate addresses as well as validate bank details even when you have no internet connection! Ideal Fundraising securely captures and stores all donor data before transferring it to your portal, once an internet connection is established. You can even play full HD video to further connect with your donors, even when you can’t get an internet connection
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Unique features

Door-to-Door module

Ideal Fundraising have developed a ‘Door2Door’ module within our Fundraising Solution software to support Door to Door fundraising. We believe Door to Door fundraising will not only become quicker and easier to co-ordinate in terms of administration and logistics, but will also increase the efficiency and profitability of this type of fundraising!

Unique Features

Keep the change module

For those times when a donor pays more than the lottery ticket costs (for example, they pay £5 instead of £4.34), we’ve designed this unique fundraising module. 

Give the donor the option to donate the additional money, and let your charity ‘keep the change’.

Maps & tracking | Ideal Fundraising Solutions
Unique Features

Maps and tracking

Know exactly where your fundraisers are and where they have been at any time, with our impressive mapping and tracking feature. You can even view the routes your fundraisers have taken during the day.

Our mapping and tracking feature allows you to:

  • See where your fundraisers have started and finished a session
  • Find a fundraisers last position
  • Analyse your fundraisers routes
  • Filter by many variables so you can decide what you want to see
  • View in street or satellite mode
Unique Features

Digital confirmation Social distancing

Ideal Fundraising understand all donors are different, which is why we developed a digital confirmation feature which allows a donor to sign up without having to touch the tablet if they don’t feel comfortable doing so. Whether it’s for social distancing reasons or any other reasons, the option is there so you don’t risk losing any potential donors.

How does it work?

  • When a digital confirmation link is requested, your donor will be sent a link to their phone via SMS and/or email where they can sign and input their bank details into their phone rather than on the tablet.
  • Once completed, the sign up is sent back to the portal like every other sign up.
Digital confirmation | Ideal Fundraising
Charity fundraising solutions | IdealFundraising

Dedicated onboarding team and first-class training

We understand that changing solutions or having a digital solution for the first time can be daunting, which is why we offer a full training programme as part of our service to you. We will go through all aspects of the portal and tablet with you and your team before you go live with Ideal Fundraising . Once you are up and running, you will have a dedicated team to help you with any questions you might have or any support you might need We want to make sure you feel completely comfortable using our solution and that you get the most out of it. After all, it’s what we set out to do when we developed IFS: create a solution that saves you time and supports you to do what you do best – fundraise.

Recurring card payments

You have the option to take a recurring card payment using NFC (a contactless payment option) using your fundraising tablet, making the process even more quick and convenient. When the card details are taken, the donation will continue to be paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis as per the donor’s choice. This is therefore similar to that of a Direct Debit, but without the cooling off period, maximising retention and minimising attrition.
You are still able to take advantage of the recurring card payment option even if you do not have the ability to take contactless payments. You can simply enter the card details manually or use an external device if this is your preference.
We can integrate with payment gateways as required, including Braintree, Stripe and WorldPay


Dedicated Aftercare Team

Once you are on board, trained and have gone live with us and your new Ideal Fundraising solution, you won’t be left on your own. We pride ourselves on how intuitive and easy to use Ideal Fundraising is, but we realise that like with anything new, it can take a little time to settle into new processes until they become your new normal. This is why we provide you with a dedicated aftercare team, who will be on hand to support you and answer any questions you might have to ensure the smooth transition and to make sure you get the most from your new Ideal Fundraising solution.
Donor’s Perspective

It’s great to see a professional, secure piece of technology used that I can put my trust in – the fundraiser has even shown me how they can’t see anything once my details have been sent – much better than paper!

I really enjoyed the use of their video, it really hit home – the fundraiser said that ‘experiential fundraising’ is the new way of getting people involved – either way, it was great that we didn’t have to wait for it to buffer or load!

When I walked away, I received a text message from the Charity with the Fundraiser’s name, a great touch – I really appreciated that.

Fundraiser’s Perspective

Wow, no more paper. look how fast I can validate addresses and bank details. No more pulled or failed forms!

Now I know the donors I sign up are genuine. This is a massive boost to the morale of the team – let’s hit those targets!

Amazing! No more texting my scores back to head office, no more counting paper forms and keeping track of those. I worked all day without the system being slow or not working – isn’t it great this doesn’t need a constant mobile-data connection!

Charity’s Perspective

I know that the donors being signed up have a very high chance of being genuine. I also know that the checks within the form mean that the fundraisers are disclosing correctly.

With the Reporting Portal I have a live view of where my teams are, what their scores are as well as instant access to the donors they have signed up. I’m safe in the knowledge that any strange behaviour is automatically flagged by the system for my team to review.

One of the most impactful benefits has been the automated data exports into our CRM systems, it used to take 2-6 weeks for our donors to receive the first payment – now it can be as quick as we like!


What we do for all people

Full Training
Door-to-Door Module
After Care

What Our Clients
Say About Us

We have used IFS to support our regular giving and lottery campaigns for around 8 years now.  The actual software itself is super easy to use, quick to complete and is built with fundraisers in mind. With the portal, the standardisation across it, makes the system really easy to use. KPI’s are at the forefront and visible within seconds. It’s very accessible for our field managements throughout every day, which is something we really like about it.

IT and Venues Director,

We assessed many solutions when looking for a partner to provide our digital data collection/canvassing solution. The Ideal Fundraising solution stood out for many reasons, their experience within the sector, their knowledge of what works and what doesn’t within field-based communications, and the fact the system did not rely on being online, that our fundraisers and supporters would experience the same level of service from the system, with the same level of data security even when out of signal.

The solution continues to provide us with a completely data secure, easy to navigate scalable solution for our fundraising. Managed through the main portal, we are even able to give our charity clients access to allow them to monitor activity on a real time basis.

As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising providers by volume we can’t recommend Ideal Fundraising enough.

Ideal Fundraising | Charity fundraising solution

Company Director,

Since 2013 we’ve used IFS to process far in excess of 225,000 new members on behalf of our six charity clients. The system is secure, smooth and user-friendly, and hiccups are non-existent. The live reporting is a really useful feature too! IFS certainly comes highly recommended from us.

Compliance Manager,

The security of personal information is also extremely important to us and having IFS really helps us with this. As soon as a lottery member is acquired, their personal information transfers off the tablet and into the secure Hub. Also, if a PDA tablet is lost or stolen it can be locked down in minutes.

Managing Director of SEC Fundraising,

We have been with IFS for a couple of years now and now have 6 campaigns up and running which are a mixture of lottery and regular giving campaigns. What we love about the system is that the portal is available on the go.

Managing Director of Increase Sales Solutions,