Designing Campaigns

Ideal Fundraising can create campaigns to suit all your requirements, from Lotteries, Regular Giving, Memberships and Sponsorships. And these campaigns can be tailored for various fundraising operations, including Door to Door, High Street and private site (venues).  


HD Media Playback

Ideal Fundraising makes it really easy to add high definition HD video, images, PDF documents, slide shows with music and training documents to your campaigns. Find the campaign in the portal, add the files and Ideal Fundraising will distribute them automatically to the Fundraiser’s tablet. What’s more, when out in the field, your fundraisers won’t require any internet connection to play or view them, meaning they play in a blink of an eye, without buffering, any time, anywhere.

Digital Confirmation

Ideal Fundraising understand all donors are different, which is why we developed a digital confirmation feature which allows a donor to sign up without having to touch the tablet if they don’t feel comfortable doing so. Whether it’s for social distancing reasons or any other reasons, the option is there so you don’t risk losing any potential donors.


Social Distancing

Set your social distancing measures at a campaign level. This can either be on, off or on-demand. The ‘On Demand’ option allows the fundraiser to turn it off if they are required to.

Digital confirmation is sent across to the donor by either email or SMS once their details have been taken allowing the donor to confirm the sign-up during the face-to-face meeting. If the donor hasn’t already given their bank details, the confirmation message will ask for them at this stage.


Direct Debits

There are various payment methods which can be added to your campaigns including direct debits. With Ideal Fundraising, bank account details are fully validated including making sure the account is able to accept direct debits, so your fundraiser has greater confidence in the sign ups they put through. This validation occurs in a blink of an eye, even without an internet connection.

Direct Debits | Ideal Fundraising

Recurring Card payments

You have the option to take a recurring card payment using NFC (a contactless payment option) using your fundraising tablet, making the process even more quick and convenient. When the card details are taken, the donation will continue to be paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis as per the donor’s choice. This is therefore similar to that of a Direct Debit, but without the cooling off period, maximising retention and minimising attrition.
You are still able to take advantage of the recurring card payment option even if you do not have the ability to take contactless payments. You can simply enter the card details manually or use an external device if this is your preference.
We can integrate with payment gateways as required, including Braintree, Stripe and WorldPay.


One-off Card Payments

One-off card payments can be taken via contactless (tablet hardware dependent) or via manually entering the details into the Fundroid application.. 

Automated SMS | IdealFundraising

Welcome email & SMS

With Ideal Fundraising, you can add welcome emails and SMS to support your campaigns. Ideal fundraising supports HTML, so why not add your supporter photographs to your welcome email to create even more impact and hopefully aid retention.

You can also send SMS messages from the charity’s name (alphanumeric sender ID) to thank your donors for supporting your cause.


Advanced Notice Letters

Send advanced notice letters, automatically, by email to your donors, to inform them of their 14 day cooling down period. These can be customised to suit your requirements and based on the rules of the Direct Debit scheme.
Advanced notice letters | Ideal Fundraising
Fundraiser Incentives | Ideal Fundraising Solutions

Donor Photographs

Make the donor feel special and give them the opportunity to show others how much they care about your cause. Ideal Fundraising gives the donor the option of having their photo taken against different backgrounds to keep a memory of when they started supporting your cause and to help keep them engaged during the sign up process and beyond.


Salesforce Integration

Salesforce helps organisations raise more resources, streamline their fundraising programs and engage their constituents like never before.

It’s one integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer.

We have integrated Ideal Fundraising with the Salesforce API, which allows information to be passed into Salesforce without data duplication. For example, the user can choose to send welcome emails through Salesforce, so you can follow the complete donor correspondence journey and have full trackability.

Salesforce integration | IdealFundraising

Fundraiser Incentives

Fundraising is a hard job and can be demoralising at times. Ideal fundraising gives you the opportunity to add incentive schemes to a campaign. These vary in concept and can be as simple as a fundraiser participating in a game, or be related to prizes for best performances, or just recognition of being the best fundraiser that day, week or month.


Retention and Attrition

Once a sign-up have been exported to your supporter system or lottery manager, we have realised that for a true perception of your fundraising efforts, it is important for Ideal Fundraising to have knowledge of which sign ups are still actively donating or subscribing and which ones have stopped (cancelled).

Consequently, Ideal Fundraising has designed a function to facilitate this, supporting a wide variety of payment files, which you can import with ease, into Ideal Fundraising. With a new range of attrition and retention reports, you can now have the complete picture of your fundraising all in one place.

You can measure attrition by any attribute e.g. age, amount, payment type, campaign or fundraiser. This will help you to better identify where a fundraiser might need more training or a campaign needs tweaking. You can also analyse retention rates by fundraiser, campaign, region, venue and team leader to help see what is working within your organisation and identify areas that could be improved.

Char illustration on a tablet

Invoicing and Rebates

Once donor payment information has been imported into Ideal Fundraising, it can generate rebate reports, based on the payment term agreements you have in place with your customers.

Reports can be accessed instantly by area managers/team managers, at the office or remotely, for a true representation of their teams’ performance any time, anywhere.


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What Our Clients
Say About Us

We have used IFS to support our regular giving and lottery campaigns for around 8 years now.  The actual software itself is super easy to use, quick to complete and is built with fundraisers in mind. With the portal, the standardisation across it, makes the system really easy to use. KPI’s are at the forefront and visible within seconds. It’s very accessible for our field managements throughout every day, which is something we really like about it.

IT and Venues Director,

We assessed many solutions when looking for a partner to provide our digital data collection/canvassing solution. The Ideal Fundraising solution stood out for many reasons, their experience within the sector, their knowledge of what works and what doesn’t within field-based communications, and the fact the system did not rely on being online, that our fundraisers and supporters would experience the same level of service from the system, with the same level of data security even when out of signal.

The solution continues to provide us with a completely data secure, easy to navigate scalable solution for our fundraising. Managed through the main portal, we are even able to give our charity clients access to allow them to monitor activity on a real time basis.

As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising providers by volume we can’t recommend Ideal Fundraising enough.

Ideal Fundraising | Charity fundraising solution

Company Director,

Since 2013 we’ve used IFS to process far in excess of 225,000 new members on behalf of our six charity clients. The system is secure, smooth and user-friendly, and hiccups are non-existent. The live reporting is a really useful feature too! IFS certainly comes highly recommended from us.

Compliance Manager,

The security of personal information is also extremely important to us and having IFS really helps us with this. As soon as a lottery member is acquired, their personal information transfers off the tablet and into the secure Hub. Also, if a PDA tablet is lost or stolen it can be locked down in minutes.

Managing Director of SEC Fundraising,

We have been with IFS for a couple of years now and now have 6 campaigns up and running which are a mixture of lottery and regular giving campaigns. What we love about the system is that the portal is available on the go.

Managing Director of Increase Sales Solutions,