Unique Features

Door-to-Door Module

Ideal Fundraising created a revolutionary Door to Door module to form part of the Ideal Fundraising solution. Our door-to-door module allows you to create door sets quickly and easily from the portal. Simply click on the street and add it to your ‘basket’. Routes can then be planned and allocated instantly to the fundraisers, so they can access them on their tablets, and plan their day. They can even see where they are in relation to the streets they have been allocated, view car parks, toilets and more! All door outcomes are recorded on the tablets in real time so teams can work on the same street and view other’s outcomes as they happen. The outcomes can then be analysed on the portal, so you can determine door-to-door ‘hotspots’, making door-to-door fundraising easier, more efficient and more profitable.
Door to door fundraising | IdealFundraising
Maps & tracking | Ideal Fundraising Solutions
Unique features

Maps and tracking

Know exactly where your fundraisers are and where they have been at any time, with our impressive mapping and tracking feature. You can even view the routes your fundraisers have taken during the day.

Our mapping and tracking feature allows you to:

  • See where your fundraisers have started and finished a session
  • Find a fundraisers last position
  • Analyse your fundraisers routes
  • Filter by many variables so you can decide what you want to see
  • View in street or satellite mode
Unique Features

Keep the change module

For those times when a donor pays more than the lottery ticket costs (for example, they pay £5 instead of £4.34), we’ve designed this unique fundraising module. 

Give the donor the option to donate the additional money, and let your charity ‘keep the change’.

Unique Features


Ideal Fundraising have developed a brand new ‘Telemarketing’ module within our Ideal Fundraising Solution to support phone to phone fundraising.

We have looked carefully at how various organisations conduct their phone to phone fundraising and from our findings have designed a brand new module that is simple to use without lacking flexibility. This means our Telemarketing module can support different organisations, with many configuration options to suit your requirements.

Unique Features

Venue bookings

Create venue bookings directly on our portal and assign these to your fundraisers. Once created, your bookings will show on you Booking Planner where you can add shifts and export them making it simple to organise and manage your private site fundraising more effectively.

Venue bookings
Unique Features

Building teams

Ideal Fundraising helps to make the management and administration of your campaigns simple. When your fundraisers log into their tablets and choose a campaign, if a team leader is selected, the system builds fundraising teams on the portal, so that you can analyse these as you require. You can therefore identify teams and campaigns that are performing well, or those that require additional training perhaps.

Additionally, when choosing to fundraise at selected venues, you can create teams pro-actively, meaning once a shift has been booked, those fundraisers will have the details pre set on their tablets. On the first day of their shift, the venue, team leader and campaign will already be pre populated for them and they can simply begin fundraising. The teams can then be analysed in relation to the venues so you can highlight venues that have given great results as well as those that may be less favourable, all with the aim of helping you to continue organising successful fundraising opportunities.

Unique Features

Fundraiser training

Make training your fundraisers simple and efficient. Use our media facility to add training documents and videos to your fundraisers’ tablets to ensure your team are always up to date with what you want them to know, wherever they are.


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What Our Clients
Say About Us

We have used IFS to support our regular giving and lottery campaigns for around 8 years now.  The actual software itself is super easy to use, quick to complete and is built with fundraisers in mind. With the portal, the standardisation across it, makes the system really easy to use. KPI’s are at the forefront and visible within seconds. It’s very accessible for our field managements throughout every day, which is something we really like about it.

IT and Venues Director,

We assessed many solutions when looking for a partner to provide our digital data collection/canvassing solution. The Ideal Fundraising solution stood out for many reasons, their experience within the sector, their knowledge of what works and what doesn’t within field-based communications, and the fact the system did not rely on being online, that our fundraisers and supporters would experience the same level of service from the system, with the same level of data security even when out of signal.

The solution continues to provide us with a completely data secure, easy to navigate scalable solution for our fundraising. Managed through the main portal, we are even able to give our charity clients access to allow them to monitor activity on a real time basis.

As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising providers by volume we can’t recommend Ideal Fundraising enough.

Ideal Fundraising | Charity fundraising solution

Company Director,

Since 2013 we’ve used IFS to process far in excess of 225,000 new members on behalf of our six charity clients. The system is secure, smooth and user-friendly, and hiccups are non-existent. The live reporting is a really useful feature too! IFS certainly comes highly recommended from us.

Compliance Manager,

The security of personal information is also extremely important to us and having IFS really helps us with this. As soon as a lottery member is acquired, their personal information transfers off the tablet and into the secure Hub. Also, if a PDA tablet is lost or stolen it can be locked down in minutes.

Managing Director of SEC Fundraising,

We have been with IFS for a couple of years now and now have 6 campaigns up and running which are a mixture of lottery and regular giving campaigns. What we love about the system is that the portal is available on the go.

Managing Director of Increase Sales Solutions,